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Protected Areas

Farasan Islands

 A group of 84 islands (5408square kilometers) in the Red Sea Lying 40 km off the southern coast of SaudiArabia, TheFarasan Islands Reserve is especially rich in seabird Life. Theuninhabited islands serve as breeding sites for large numbers of birds and the adjacent marine feeding grounds attract varieties such as Osprey, Sooty Falcon, Pink-Backed Pelican, Red-Billed Tropic Bird, White-Eyed Gull, Saunders Little Tern, Crab Plover, Flamingos and others. The reserve also protects the Farasan Islands Gazelle, Within what may possibly be The largest population of gazelles left in Saudi Arabia. The waters surrounding the islands are equally important for marine life including dugongs, sea turtles and numerous Manta Rays

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