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Protected Areas

At - Taysiyah

Lying on the Summan Plateau of north-eastern Saudi Arabia, between dune corridors of the Dahna sand belt, At-Taysiyah(4272.2 square kilometers)was created to provide a refuge from hunting for the migrant houbarabustards which enter Saudi Arabia each winter. The protected area includes dune areas, shallow wadi valleys, and open, undulating steppe desert. Future plans for the area include the establishment.Management objectives are to maintain the ecosystem without degradation of its biological diversity and productivity; to conserve and restore the populations of threatened species and other key taxa;​to reintroduce HoubaraBustard, ReemGazelle, Ostrich, and Arabian Oryx;​​

 to safeguard the site’s natural processes and the ecosystem services they generate, to restore degraded habitats, to enable the local communities to benefit through sustainable use of renewable natural resources, and to provide opportunities for scientific research, environmental education, sustainable nature-based recreation and ecotourism.

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