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Citizens' Charter
Saudi Wildlife Authority is keen to provide information and services of interest to the beneficiaries and interested in accordance with the best available techniques through its website.
To achieve this, some standards have been developed which are considered as a charter between the Commission and the beneficiaries of this website.

Firstly- Obligations of the Commission:
  1. Continuity:The TRA is keen to provide the latest technologies and specifications that ensure the continuity of the work of the website around the clock
  2. Privacy and confidentiality of information:The TRA considers the confidentiality of its users' information and puts it at the top of the list of priorities. Every effort is made to provide information and services through the website accordingly.
  3. Communicate and respond to inquiries, complaints or suggestions:The TRA is committed to handling and responding to all inquiries, complaints or suggestions through the communication channels available at this website.
  Second- Beneficiaries' Obligations:

The user of this website has a number of responsibilities and criteria to achieve the objectives of this website, including:

  1. Terms of Use: Beneficiaries must be aware of and comply with the Terms of Use
  2. Communication and participation: The beneficiary of the site is committed to provide accurate and correct information if requested through this site, to be dealt with officially by the concerned authorities
For working charters for other government agencies: 
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