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Protected Areas

Saja Um Al-Rimth
The establishment of the Saja/Umm Ar-Rimthprotected area(6528.2square kilometers) in central Saudi Arabia marked the start of anew approach to reserve management for the SWA. For the first time, before any formal management structures were put in place, the SWA started discussions with local community leaders. The aim for the management of the protected area was to integrate local development needs with conservation objectives, principally through the establishment of regulated grazing regimes. In addition, a small portion of the reserve was set aside to become a second reintroduction site for the houbara bustard, as well as a refuge for migrant houbara. 

​Management objectives are to maintain the ecosystem without degradation of its biological diversity and productivity; to conserve and restore the populations of houbara and other key taxa; to safeguard the site’s natural processes and the ecosystem services they generate, to restore degraded habitats, to enable the local communities to benefit through sustainable use of renewable natural resources, and to provide opportunities for scientific research, environmental education, sustainable nature-based recreation and ecotourism.

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