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Protected Areas

Nafud Al Urayq

With an area approximately (2036.1 square kilometers), Nafudal-‘Urayq is one of the smaller sand seas in the central Najd region of Saudi Arabia, a narrow dune corridor running north/south. The dunes are generally low, rising to a maximum of approximately 100 meters above the surrounding pedeplain. They are mostly well vegetated although some of the south-facing slopes are bare of vegetation. The predominant plant community in the southern part of Al-‘Urayq is composed of HaloxylonSalicornicum (Arabic Rimth) with scattered Calligonumcomosum (Arabic Arta).

​Management objectives are to maintain the ecosystem without degradation of its biological diversity and productivity; to conserve and restore the populations of threatened species and other key taxa; to safeguard the site’s natural processes and the ecosystem services they generate, to restore degraded habitats, to enable the local communities to benefit through sustainable use of renewable natural resources, and to provide opportunities for scientific research, environmental education, sustainable nature-based recreation and ecotourism.​

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