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Protected Areas

Majami al Hadb


Located in the plains of southern Najd (2256.4 square kilometers) ,Majami‘ al-Hadb is a landscape dominated by smooth granite exfoliation domes and well-vegetated wadis, as well as dark volcanic mountains and sandy desert plains. The reserve is characterized by good representations of granite outcrop, pyroclastic outcrop, and inland wadi biotopes. It is an important strategic seed dispersion site and a minor isolated mountain massif, and supports acacia woodlands and an ephemeral freshwater wetland. 

The Arabian wolf, Ruppell’s sand fox, ratel, hare, rock hyrax, coronetedsandgrouse, Arabian sand partridge, spiny-tailed lizard, and desert monitor are among the species still inhabiting the proposed reserve, and according to local Badu, houbara bustards are occasionally seen. Saudi dorcas, idmi, and reem gazelle are reported to have been numerous in the recent past. Ibex were found until somewhat more recently, and Oryx and ostrich are reported to have inhabited the site in the more distant past. and it is considered a suitable reintroduction site for Nubian ibex, idmi gazelle, and possibly

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