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 Biodiversity in Saudi Arabia 
The 2250 species of flora in Saudi Arabia are important in maintaining the integrity of their ecosystems. 
Seventy six of 98 mammals species recorded from the Arabian peninsula occur in Saudi Arabia. The lion has become extinct recently; Cheetah and Saudi dorcas gazelle are probably extinct at present. Arabian leopard is believed to be endangered. The Arabian Oryx became extinct in the wild in the 1970's. Captive bred and re I-introduction species include the Arabian Oryx and two gazelle species (reem and idmi)
444 bird species have been recorded in Saudi Arabia, of which 10 are endemic and 185 breed in the Kingdom. The country is ecologically significant for flying visitors from Asia , Europe and Africa 
Tidal flats of the Arabian Gulf are among the most important overwintering areas. They are home to 1-2 million waders of 125 species..​

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