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Wildlife Authority: Wildcats among endangered species and hunting is prohibited
The spokesperson of the Saudi Wildlife Authority, Mohammed bin Ibrahim Al-Salamah, praised the efforts of the electronic newspaper “Sabak” and its continuous interest in the issues of wildlife conservation and its natural environments and its distinctive awareness role in this field.
In response to the newspaper's article entitled "Fisherman boasts of murder and rare Nader accidental," "safety": "The Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and through the relevant agencies, make great efforts to preserve the remaining natural resources in the Kingdom for present and future generations. It has enacted and developed national laws and regulations aimed at preserving wildlife and its natural environments, particularly the hunting of wild birds and birds.
He added: "However, there is a small group is not aware of its activities that negatively affect and waste effort and money and thus violates national regulations and legislation as contrary to the teachings of Islamic law."
"Such negative activities pose a threat to the survival of biodiversity and the conservation of ecosystems, leading to the destruction of rare and endangered fungal species such as mountain caribou."
He continued: "The penalty for violating hunting outside protected areas is subject to the hunting system of animals and wild birds issued by Royal Decree M / 8 dated 16/4/1420 AH and its executive regulations. Article VI stipulates that anyone who violates the provisions of this law shall be fined not more than twenty. In case of repeated violation, the fine may be doubled and the weapons, machinery and tools used in hunting, as well as animals and birds caught, may be seized and may be confiscated if the violation is proved. To consider irregularities. "
​Al-Salamah said: "The Authority is working with the concerned authorities to implement the system and issue the necessary penalties to take the necessary legal procedures to arrest the violators and bring them to trial as stipulated in the hunting of wild animals and birds. Place and throughout the year. "

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