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Under the slogan«Wetlands reduce disaster risk»

The Kingdom is represented by the Saudi Commission for the Celebration of the International Day of Wetlands on Thursday, February 2, 2017, corresponding to 5 Jumada I 1438 AH, under the slogan (Wetlands Reducing Disaster Risk).
This year's slogan in wetlands and its role in reducing the impact of disasters, climate events in rural areas, dry cyclones and hurricanes on human disasters, has been built to build resilience. Protests are also raised to raise awareness in the light of the vital roles of wetlands.
Wich d. Hani bin Mohammed Ali Tatwairi Vice President of the Saudi Wildlife Authority. There are a number of areas that are located in Saudi Arabia.
Shooting in rural areas with plant and biological solutions in the world Climatic conditions and beach protection are also important sites for ecotourism and recreation accompanied by disasters.
​The Golan, as recognized in the Ramsar Convention of February 2, 1971, in the city of Ramsar, and the designation of wetlands for marshes, marshes, swamps or waters that were natural or permanent or temporary, whether standing or flowing water

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