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Wildlife holds a meeting on bird flu and its relationship with migratory birds
Under the chairmanship of Dr. Hani bin Mohammed Ali Tetouani, Vice President of the Saudi Wildlife Authority, the Commission held a meeting at its headquarters in Riyadh on the investigation of influenza in migratory birds crossing the Kingdom. At the beginning of the meeting, HE Dr. Hani Tetouani talked about the importance of holding the meeting and its aim in light of the queries and directives from the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture and the role of the Authority in preserving migratory birds passing through the Kingdom, and its role in raising awareness of the risks of the disease and its response in coordination and cooperation with the relevant authorities. .
Then the Director General of Studies and Research at the Authority talked about the mechanism of collecting samples of migratory birds in a number of sites and send them to the concerned authority for examination and analysis and receive the results of the examination. Then identify the important sites that have been dealt with and suggest other sites in the future. The Director General also explained the role of the governorate administration and the role of protected area managers and staff in the process of bird observation, collection of samples and assistance to researchers through a clear mechanism of action.
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Later, Prof. Dr. Mohammed bin Yaslam Shabraq from Taif University and the Counselor of the Commission gave a scientific lecture explaining the possible paths of migratory birds when crossing the Kingdom's territory and the procedures required to control them and how to determine the appropriate sites where birds stop and sites where some species of water birds nest Sample collection order.
​This will be followed by a general discussion among the participants and a proposal for a future plan and mechanism of action to be taken during the coming period to investigate the disease in migratory birds.​

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