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Service Level Agreement

The Saudi Wildlife Authority will provide and publish the content and services of the website in accordance with an agreement stating the terms and conditions under which the website can be used by the general beneficiaries.
The agreement includes:

  1. The Saudi Wildlife Authority website is utilized by individuals or businesses
  2. The TRA is committed to solving the problems that arise for visitors to the site, especially related to their login, reply to their inquiries or help
  3. The Authority is keen to update the information, news and content in general to the website
  4. The TRA is committed to making the website available to visitors throughout the year
  5. The site visitor is keen to inform the ​Commission of any errors or problems encountered in the website
  6. The entry of the visitor and the beneficiary of the website shall be considered as a binding approval from him for what is included in the terms of use of the site.


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