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​​​​​ Initiative and electronic movement

In light of the tremendous technical development in the field of information and knowledge, the Authority has been keen to keep pace with this development, where the Authority has prepared a strategic plan for the development of information technology in the Authority through one of the specialized consulting companies, 
where the Authority has so far implemented the following projects:
  1. Supply of ERP systems for ERP
  2.     Development of the internal network and the current computer center
  3.    Electronic library system project
  4.  Draft system of issuing hawks passports

In the event that the necessary funds are available, the Authority intends to implement the project of information system for electronic services for wildlife management, where the project includes an integrated and integrated information system for e-services that serve the beneficiaries of the Authority, whether at the level of individuals, government or private sector according to approved standards.
The Authority also coordinates with the e-transactions program facilitated in such areas as:
  •  Participate in measuring the extent of transformation of electronic transactions.
  • Participate with other government agencies to represent the Kingdom in the UN measurement of e-government.

Other eServices products and services can be found by clicking on the link​​​

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