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IT Management
Based on the Authority's keenness to develop the administrative system adopted in the management of personnel affairs.​
  1. Developing time plans and infrastructure for public administration activities
  2. Supervising projects and programs
  3. Supervising the preparation of consultancy studies
  4. Work to create the best environments in the field of Internet and connect internal and external networks
  5. Preparation of specifications, technical reports and feasibility studies necessary to equip equipment and systems and follow-up
  6. Provide technical support in the field of computer for all departments and sections
  7. Supervising the modernization, development and maintenance of the construction website and increasing the number of visitors to the site through modern interaction methods
  8. Overseeing e-mail services and accounts for settings
  9. Raise awareness and educate consumers
You can contact the General Directorate of Information Technology by e-mail​ or fax (4410212).

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